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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jazzy January - 2016

January 26 - I'm concerned.  Within the last few years I have built up a slight reputation as being a "concert queen."  We've been averaging about 5 to 8 concerts a year and I have been able to get us some pretty good seats.  For our last concert, Scorpions, we were in row 14 and the stage came down the middle of the aisle to just about where we were sitting.  I got some awesome pictures.

These were not taken from the big screen like some of mine are, these are up close and personal!  It was a terrific show. 

I have, of course, created a Ticketmaster account and made a list of our "favorite" artists so that I get advanced notice whenever someone we like is going to be performing in our area.  Usually I get a pre-sale notice as well, either from the credit card companies or a radio station.  I have learned that during the pre-sales they tend to sell the tickets from the back to the front so just clicking "best available" doesn't always mean you get the best available and sometimes giving up the first set of tickets they show you will lead to better tickets the next time through.  It's a fine line and I'll admit I have lost some good seats because I wanted to "get a little closer."  I have even ended up with extra tickets because I found better seats after I bought the "best available."  Fortunately, most of the times I've been able to sell those extra tickets.  It can be a little nerve wracking.   

But, a recent experience with trying to get tickets to see Adele has made me a little nervous about being able to get these close up seats again.  

True, Adele did just come out with a new album that is breaking all kinds of records and is touring for the first time in many years, but the fact that I was UNABLE TO GET ANY TICKETS AT ALL, even with three shows in our area, made me quite upset.   

There was no "pre-sale" for this event as there usually is.  That means my having an American Express card or a Citi card made no difference.  There were the usual "special packages" available but really, $400+ for one ticket is just too much for us to pay.  

It's not like I was late getting to the site either:

In Line

I was right on Ticketmaster at 10 AM and "in line" to get tickets.  The next thing I knew it said I had a wait time of 31 minutes!  When the half hour was up, my message was that there were no seats available!  None.  Not even the $400 ones!  Not even the cheap seats in the nosebleed section.  Not at any of the three shows in our area.  And, after posting my frustrations on Facebook, I found out I was not the only one of my friends who was not able to get tickets.  That wasn't very comforting.    

The other day I saw another concert coming up with people we had not seen before (something that is getting harder to say), Sting and Peter Gabriel.  This time there was an American Express pre-sale and I was able to get tickets on the floor toward the back.  Not the best, but not bad.  

I went on Ticketmaster again when the tickets went on sale to the "General Public" to see what kind of tickets I could get and the selection was limited to high and on the side or way in the back.  I'm glad I got the ones I did.   

The Mountain Winery concert series posts their lineup around April.  Because we got tickets to four shows last year, we are supposed to get advanced ticketing opportunities for this season.  I'm hoping that is true and that they offer some good seats to the pre-sale group.  I'd hate to have to give up my "Concert Queen" status!  

What about you?  Any luck with Adele tickets?  Any ideas about how to break through the barrier?  Think it might be easier to call instead of going online?  


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