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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Maybe it's May - 36th Anniversary Edition

Yep, 36 years ago yesterday at a Vista Point overlooking Lake Tahoe in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, my husband and I got married.

I say we have a fairy tale story...

Oh, those days before kids when we were kids.

I found this little couple and put them in my fairy garden in front of the studio.  Kinda looks like us, no? 

We recreated the moment at our 25th anniversary.  I didn't think about it or I'd have stood on the other side.   

One of our first "concert selfies."  I love this picture of us.

Six years ago we had this "portrait" done in Reno, one of our favorite places to spend our anniversary.

Benihana has been another of our anniversary go-to spots for many years.  We couldn't eat inside this time but we did get take out and ate at home while watching a movie, "Call of the Wild."  

Not gonna lie, the last 10 years have been really hard on a lot of levels.  It has tested me to the limit and sometimes it felt like I was just hanging on by a string.  Sometimes I even considered letting go.  But then I take a breath and realize that it is life and we'll get through it.  Here's to love and another 36 years.



  1. Hi, Janet!

    This is wonderful, dear friend! Happy 36th anniversary to you and Bill! If I may ask, how did you guys decide to get married at a Vista Point overlooking Lake Tahoe? It's a stunning view and an ideal spot for couples to make a lifelong commitment. It's nice that you returned there on your 25th anniversary and snapped a similar picture. (Mrs. Shady and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary a couple of weeks from now.) It's a joy to look at these old pictures, Janet. I see that even when you were a tiny child, you already had your trademark smile. Those are great costumes for your pose as Bonnie & Clyde. I'm sorry this year's anniversary celebration needed to be scaled back due to the pandemic, but clearly you made the adjustment with ease and enjoyed a take-out meal from one of your favorite restaurants. Let's put it this way. You went from dining at Benihana to dining with Benny at home. :)

    Hey sister, I hear you about hard years that put a strain on a relationship. I've been there and done that. The important thing is you recognized that life is one challenge after another and, to your credit, you continue to meet them with your hubby.

    Indeed I do wish the two of you another 36 years together, dear friend Janet!

    1. Thanks so much my friend! When I was little my older sisters used to tell me to "make funny face" and that was what I was doing in the crib picture. We went to Tahoe initially because they had fewer restrictions than California does around marriage certificates. We were going to get married in a chapel there but my maid of honor looked into it and found the Vista Point spot. It truly was lovely. Getting dressed up in the old fashioned clothes has always been fun for me. Communication and honesty have always been my biggest components around the marriage trust. If we stopped communicating or I couldn't trust him, that would make a huge difference. Thanks for stopping by, friend Shady. I appreciate it!

  2. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing your pics. Yes marriage can be hard at times - you have to work at it. We'll hit 36 in June. I don't think we'll be able to celebrate it properly - things will still be locked down - so I'll probably try for a nice meal at home.

    1. Thanks Wendy. 1984 was a good year, huh!


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