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Friday, May 15, 2020

Maybe It's May - 2020 - Escapist Coloring Club

It is May, I know because we are no longer doing the April A to Z Challenge but that is about the only way I know. 

Here is my coloring for the Escapist Coloring Club hosted by Linda.  They are all from the Magical Jungle book I got for Christmas.


How have you been keeping busy?  I have had some work to do and I got an order on my Etsy shop for a baby book so I've been working on that.  I also did some yard work, pulling weeds out of our backyard.  I'm about to start on some Father's Day cards and albums, also for the Etsy shop, like these:

Father's Day Card Mini-Album Keepsake image 0Father's Day Card Mini-Album Keepsake image 5

Father's Day Card  Golfer image 0      Father's Day Card image 0

Stop by and check them out!

Actually, life is pretty normal for me, and for that I am grateful.  Everyone is healthy too.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, Janet!

    First and most importantly, dear friend, I am happy to learn that everyone in your family remains healthy. Same with us over here in Florida.

    Secondly, you continue to astound me with your crafty and artistic talents. This is my first exposure to "colorists" and adult coloring books. I was completely in the dark about how this eye-popping artwork is created. I followed the link and viewed the exhibits on the Escapist Coloring Club site. Next I went directly to Amazon, (did not pass GO, did not collect $200). There I read the following about your Magical Jungle book: "Now printed on specially selected ivory paper. This paper has been specifically created for Johanna Basford’s coloring books. It has a medium tooth which is perfect for creating beautiful colored pencil effects or chalk pastel backgrounds but also wonderful for pens, which will glide effortlessly over its surface." So can you please tell me which media you used for filling-in and bringing these dazzling color images to life? Did you use chalk, pencils, pens or a combination of the three? What are their dimensions? Do you ever frame them and hang them on the wall of your studio? They are beautiful! I am also awestruck by your Etsy shop which has been in operation 12 years now. You have a wide assortment of quality gift-worthy items and have every right to be proud of your inventory, including the handsome album and cards for Father's Day. Mrs. Shady spends hours every day doing some kind of craft, and I have urged her to start an Etsy shop. She always tells me she is making the items to give away as Christmas and birthday presents.

    Please give my buddy Benny a pat on the head and a Milk Bone and tell him it's from Shady. I hope you and your loved ones stay healthy in the days, weeks and (heaven help us) months ahead. In the meantime, have a nice weekend, dear friend Janet!

    1. Hello my friend! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit. Coloring is a fun pastime for me because I am not able to just sit and stare at the TV so I color when I watch movies with the Mr. He says he can tell how good a movie is by how much coloring I do - LOL. For these examples I used a mix of markers, pencils and gel pens. I have to be careful with those, however, because they can smear if I don't let them dry before touching. Thanks, too, for visiting the Etsy shop. I haven't added anything new in a while because of the A to Z taking up my craft time but now that that is over I plan to do a lot more. Your wife should totally open a shop if she likes to craft. I love hearing my phone go "ka-ching" when I make a sale! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend. Glad to hear all is well with you guys.

  2. Lovely colouring. I'm not sure I could concentrate on colouring and the TV together although like you I'm usually on my laptop or knitting when the TV is on. Glad you're keeping well.

    1. Thanks, Wendy. I sometimes would crochet while watching TV but then I'd miss a stitch and it would be frustrating to try and get it back. Coloring is much easier.


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