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Saturday, March 21, 2020

March Madness - 2020 - #SoCS Welcome - PSA

Linda's Stream of Consciousness today is "Welcome."  Who knew when I started blogging this month that March Madness would be so apropos?

Since we all seem to be forced to be at home for a while, what about taking an online course?  Can't say you have no time (or you can but we know you'd be fibbing).  I am an affiliate with CreativeLive and they have a lot of different classes to try, some even for free.  It is not all about creating either, some have to do with finances and even health and wellness.

Click the link to see what there is that you might like.  I've taken a few of the classes and they have been helpful for me. 

You're welcome :)


  1. Hi, Janet!

    How are you and your sheltering in place family doing out there, dear friend? March Madness indeed!

    Thanks for sharing the link to, a terrific site that offers a multitude of useful classes on self improvement and continuing education. I bookmarked and plan to make use of it. Who among us hasn't suffered from impostor syndrome occasionally? Who among us wouldn't benefit from better people skills? In the 80s I was heavily into the motivational seminar scene and served as an NLP trainer for a period. This type of material is just my thing.

    Thanks again for directing my attention to Please keep the faith that we will soon get a handle on this crisis and go back to our normal way of life.

    Take care, dear friend Janet!

    1. We are managing here nicely so far, but it's only been a week - LOL. Impostor syndrome has hit me a couple of times for sure. Interesting that you were an NLP trainer. You've done a lot of things I think. Stay well, my friend!

  2. These are definitely strange times. Stay safe and well.


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