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Saturday, June 29, 2019

June in Janet's World - Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today's prompt from Linda is for/fore/four.  We get bonus points if we can use all of them.  Let's see what I can manage...

FOR the last 22 years every September we have been going to Boulder Creek, California for a golf tournament that my husband and his friend started.  I can easily remember how long it has been since our daughter was born the year before and she will be 23 in November.  Of course being the scrapbooker that I am, every year has been well documented.

The first year of the tournament.  Rachel was 10 months old. 

Hopefully you don't hear "Fore" too many times while hubby is swinging.  That's not a good shot!

I have not gotten to last years layouts yet, but I still have a few months.  

There are now four books filled with our adventures.  

I think I get my bonus points!   Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Excellent use of the prompts!! Great post. Cool pics.

    1. Thanks J. I love doing them every year and seeing the changes over the last 20+.


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