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Sunday, June 23, 2019

June in Janet's World - Song Lyric Sunday - Winning

Jim has given us a nice topic this week, cards/dice/gamble/lose/win.  I had used Kenny Rogers' The Gambler a while back so I searched for something different and came up with The Outfield, Winning It All.

Winning It All
I'm closing up, I'm closing in
Couldn't wait for this moment to come
Couldn't wait for this day to begin
Won't be afraid, got so much pride
And I've never been a loser
And I just can't lose tonight
Winning it all, ain't gonna walk away
Giving it all, no matter what you say
Ain't gonna fall, don't want to lose today
Winning it all
This time it's right, my time has come
Gonna give everything that I've got
Till it's over and victory's won
No second chance, no giving up
Because no one remembers a loser
And I don't intend to be one
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: John Fredrick Spinks
Winning It All lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

I like the lyrics in the last verse.  "The time is right, my time has come.  Gonna give everything that I've got..."  There are some things in my life going on now that these words really inspire me to complete.  Hopefully I'll come out a winner! 

Hope you have a great Sunday.  Happy listening to all the other #SLS offerings!

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