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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Mainly in March - 2019 - #SoCS - Abash, A Bash, Bash

Linda's prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is "Abash/a bash/bash" with bonus prompts for using all three.

Went to my very first hockey game the other night.  Our daughter was really hoping to see a bash brawl break out but there was no such thing.  Only one penalty too.  Pretty calm game from what I understand.  At least our home team, The Sharks, won!

We had pretty good seats too.  

Looks like the shark is eating the Canadian flag, doesn't it?  

I think my daughter has the hockey bug as she is at another game today.  Maybe a bash will occur for her this time. 

I am not abashed to admit that tomorrow is my 64th birthday.  I think I've held up pretty well for 64 and apparently I only have 9 months to go until I can apply for Medicare!  I'm not having a bash to celebrate, I just want the rain to hold up for a while so I can start moving my things into the new studio.  Rain and paper products do not play well together. 

The 13th of March is my dad's birthday.  I say I was his birthday present because my mom and I got to come home from the hospital on that day.  He would be 106 if he were alive.  His real name was Italo but everyone called him Bash.  A couple of different stories about that.  One is that he was bashful but given that he was a prankster, I'm not sure that was true.  I'm pretty confident that he wanted you to think the B.S. on his shirt stood for bulls-1t and not Bash Stagnaro!  The other theory is that when he was younger he and his friends used to bash their stomachs together.  His stomach did stick out a bit but there's a lot of people out there with big stomachs who did not bash them with their friends.   

Okay I think I used all three words.  Time to go get carpet put in the studio!  Have a pleasant Saturday! 


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