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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sweet September - 2018 #SoCS

Today's prompt from the lovely Linda for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday is "Post."

I didn't just want to use the obvious post as in blog post but then I realized that I had never posted the pictures from our trip to Oregon in July.  We went to visit hubby's mother and were there for a week.  Since she is in her 90's and takes naps during the day we had some time to do some exploring. 

We went to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument to see the Lava Butte which is a huge area of post volcanic lava. 

We went on the bus ride that took us up to the top where we could see for miles.   

Post bus ride, there was a bit of a hike to get to the top but we made it.

It was pretty amazing to see.  

There was still snow on the distant mountains. 

They literally built this right around the edge of where the lava stopped.  

There was a sentry posted near the exit.

Post volcanic monument, we stopped briefly at the High Desert Museum.

We didn't feel the need to pay the entrance fee to get inside the museum but there were some pretty interesting sculptures positioned around the garden entrance.  

This was impressive. 

In the parking lot we saw some really neat old autos. 

Now I can say I have posted about our trip to the Lava Butte.  Have you seen anything like that before?  In love with old cars?  Love to hear about it.  Make sure to visit the other "posters" in the #SoCS group!  Happy Saturday to you.   

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