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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sweet September - 2018 #SoCS

I didn't post as much last month as I thought I would but truthfully there was kind of a lot going on, some of which was unplanned. 

Rounding it all up, we saw some concerts:

I love the way the light shining on this tree makes it look like it's on fire. 

 Some pretty long hair on this guitar player, no?

We went to a couple of baseball games:

We caught Shawn Estes and Rich Aurelia getting ready for the pregame show outside AT&T Park.  Hubby said, "Smile for my wife please guys" and they did!

I read a few books:

Actually, I read quite a few books this month but it was because most of them were children's books.  I also read a mystery by Mary Higgins Clark, "Two Little Girls In Blue" which was very interesting about twin toddlers who were kidnapped.  One was returned but the other one was kept because the kidnapper wanted a child.  It told about the girl who was returned to the parents experiencing the bad things that were happening to the one that was kept.  I wonder if that really happens with twins.  My mom is a twin and I am not sure those things ever happened to her.

I also made a baby book for a friend who just had her first baby.

And I made a card or two for the Etsy shop.

The big round moon showed up for me to make my monthly wishes on

A selfie for the month too.  Note the round clock in the background.  I've had that for over 40 years as it was mine before we were married!

That does not include the things I don't have pictures for but which certainly happened, my husband being admitted to the hospital overnight for a rapidly beating heart (not just because he loves me) and I ran over (and probably killed) a dog who had not been on a leash and ran under my car as I turned a corner.

Some happy, some sad, some music, some sports...quite a well-rounded month, don't you think? 

Today's Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was "Round."  How did I do?  


  1. Looks like a very active and enjoyable month, Janet. No wonder you found less time to post. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thanks! It amazes me sometimes when I write what I've actually done as opposed to what I think I've done!

  2. A well-rounded month indeed! Sorry for the sad, glad for the happy, and here's hoping for a happier September!

    1. Thanks Jen. I plan on giving it my best shot!


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