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Saturday, June 12, 2021

June is Just So…

Linda has given us the prompt of “drive.” I don’t know how she knows what is going on in my life but it seems like she manages to pick relevant topics for me quite often! Driving has always been one of my favorite things to do. My first car was a pedal car and I would drive that thing up and down the block a lot. I had an aunt who lived on the corner so I’d go visit her.

One of my coolest cars was a TR7. I loved to get in that thing and take drives down the coast and on winding roads. I should have paid more attention to it because it ended up giving me a lot of trouble. Still, with the sun roof down it was a blast. I don’t think I’d be able to get into it at this point. Too low to the ground – LOL.

Two years ago I leased a Honda HRV but I really wasn’t happy with it from the beginning. It was a lot smaller than I anticipated and I felt like my head was hitting the roof sometimes. I like to be high up so I can see the road. Last week Honda contacted me to see if I would be interested in trading in the HRV for a new vehicle. I jumped on the chance and traded the HRV for a CRV. I had had a CRV before the HRV (it can be confusing with all these initials) so I knew what they were like.

After the usual wheeling and dealing (with me getting up and saying, “no, I can’t do that,” three times), I managed to make an acceptable arrangement and here is my new CRV!

It is called Aegean Blue and is SO pretty. I haven’t thought of a name for it yet. Any suggestions? It only had 11 miles on it and was covered in plastic when I took it for the test drive since it was fresh on the lot. I look forward to taking some nice long drives in it soon since we got the lineup for the Mountain Winery concerts! June is just so exciting!

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  1. Hi, Janet!

    This was fun, dear friend! I enjoyed tracing the history of cars you've driven over the years beginning when you were a toddler. I remember you posting last year that picture of you posing in front of your TR7. It doesn't surprise me you loved to take it for spins down the coast with the sun roof down.

    In the 60s I loved driving my dad's white 1964 VW Beetle. It was the car I drove to the Shady Dell every evening. I also drove the family's 1967 Plymouth Satellite. I couldn't resist laying rubber in it and nearly crashed it on several occasions. In 1970 I owned a lime green ("sassy grass") Plymouth Duster.

    In 1972, I bought Mrs. Shady #1 a bright yellow Italian-made Fiat 850 Spider that looked exactly like the one in this YouTube video:

    She loved her Spider, but it was high maintenance, often in the shop, and it was no match for the deep snows of Pennsylvania winters. A few years later we traded the Spider in for his and hers Toyota Celicas, yellow for her and a red one for me. Mine looked like this:

    Probably my favorite car was a black 1985 Honda CRX-si that looked like this:

    Your Aegean Blue Honda CR-V is gorgeous! Mrs. Shady #2 and I have owned Honda CR-Vs for the last 20 years. We love them.

    It's nice to know that you have the summer concert schedule at the Winery. Isn't it wonderful that things are opening back up?

    I'll tag out by mentioning that I recently watched the movie Drive (2011) starring Ryan Gosling and one of my favorite actresses, Carey Mulligan.

    I hope you and my buddy Benny are having a great weekend. Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead, dear friend Janet!

    1. Hey there Shady! It looks like you prefer the sporty cars as well. I remember the Spider. One of the doctors I worked for had a car like that. He was very tall and I was amazed to see him get in and out of it. I have seen the movie "Drive" as well. Ryan Gosling is such a cutie. Sorry for the late response. I was working on a special order from my Etsy shop and just finished it late yesterday. Have a marvelous week buddy.

  2. Oh I love your car and the blue!! Honda is so good. Breezy Blue?? I am thinking back to the cars I owned...Pieces of SH^%$ cars. Did you ever hear the song sung by Adam Sandler? It's rude but so hilarious. I had a 1975 Astre where my dad put shocks from a truck into that puddle jumper. My next was a 1973 Ambassador followed by the 1970 Ambassador(Rambler). They were horrible with holes everywhere. The person sitting in the back had to place their feet to the sides because there was a hole in the middle and they could watch the road go by. They broke down all the time with either the voltage regulator or the alternator. My next we a 1978 Electra followed by a 1979 Buick Regal. The car we have today is the newest I have ever had-2013 Honda Civic.

    1. Hondas are the best we've decided, although my husband has a Ford truck too. I loved the color because I am so tired of seeing the plain white, black, silver out there. Thanks for stopping by!


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