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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Fabulous February - 2020 - #SoCS (Un)pack

For our Stream of Consciousness Saturday Linda has given us (un)pack to play with.

By far the biggest thing I have had to unpack is my ScrapBox Workbox.  I was so excited to get it and when it was delivered it was on a pallet which they left in our driveway.  We had to wait until our daughter went away to college for the room to be empty enough for us to assemble it so for a few days all the boxes were in the living room! 

So many parts!

Once Rachel left, we were able to unpack all the pieces and sort them out.

It took two days for my husband and I to put it together, but that is because his back is tricky.  I did most of the down on the ground work and he held pieces together and made sure everything was in the right place.  It was easy to follow the directions and we had everything we needed.  

I was really lucky to get this model on sale.  They don't make them in this style anymore.  They've changed the name from Workbox to Dreambox but I'm perfectly content with mine. 

Almost done.  The last step was to put all the shelves in.

And then to pack it full with all my craft supplies!

But you know, when we built the studio in the backyard, I had to unpack the whole thing, take the doors off and carefully move it, reassemble it and pack it full again!  Here it is in its new home. 

In between the original set up and the move to the studio, I changed bedrooms so actually it has been unpacked twice since we put it together!  I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.

What's your biggest pack or unpack project?                                                 


  1. It's a very useful storage cabinet for you and I'm glad it survived all the moving - sometimes flat packs don't travel well lol. I expect you don't even close it up now it has its permanent home.

    1. You're right, Wendy! I was so happy that everything was included and not damaged. It would have been a real pain to try and rectify!


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