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Friday, February 14, 2020

Fabulous February - 2020 - Happy Valentine's Day

You can tell that this is February because I haven't posted as often since I don't have a challenge I'm following.  I actually do have some challenges but they are not the blogging type they are the typing type.  I am in the process of taking on some more work -- a good thing -- but it is requiring some extra time to get things organized. 

Since today is Valentine's Day I'll share a little something I made years ago in case you are looking for a last minute idea for your special honey.

I went to the store and got a bunch of different kinds of candy and then I put them on a poster board and wrote a message using the candies as some of the words:

Feel free to use the idea :)  

This year money is tight so he got nothing.  I told him not to get me anything either because I said every day with him is Valentine's Day - LOL  

Happy Valentine's Day.  



  1. Hi, Janet!

    Forgive me for arriving hours (and days) late, dear friend. As I explained in my reply to your comment on SPMM, Mrs. Shady has been cracking the whip and keeping me occupied painting, decoupaging, hanging pictures, organizing drawers and all that fun moving in stuff. We took a break yesterday to have our Valentine's dinner a day early at a seafood restaurant we both like.

    It was sweet of you to present your hubby with that candy message board as a V-Day surprise. Reading it gave me the Snickers. :) Even though you made that grand gesture years ago, posting it today will refresh his memory and remind him of your thoughtfulness. Mrs. Shady and I worked at the same TV station in the 80s and produced commercials together. I'll never forget the Valentine's Day when she and her daughter sneaked into my office after hours and decorated it wall-to-wall with red streamers, hearts, plush stuffed animals and balloons. I was blown away when I arrived to work the next morning. She and I reminisced about that wonderful surprise yesterday as we dined at the fish place.

    I wish you, your hubby, daughters, Benny and all others near and dear to you a very happy V-Day, dear friend Janet!

    1. Oh, Shady, you don't have to apologize! I know what moving is like. Nice that you and the Mrs. got to have a Valentine's Day dinner together. I may suggest that to my hubby for tonight. It will be less crowded I'm sure. How fun to walk in and see a decorated office! Fond memories for sure. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.


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