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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Making Memories in May - 2018 #SoCS

Well, Linda G. Hill has given us the Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS prompt of Grill.

Last Sunday at the ungodly hour of 4 AM we were up to go witness this happen:

Yep, our youngest graduated from Sonoma State college with a degree in Psychology.  Now she will be coming home to analyze us all.  Well, not really but you know I'll always have it in the back of my mind. 

It was a very nice ceremony and even though the graduating class this year was the largest ever, they spread the ceremonies out over two days so it was pretty quick, as these things go.  

After the ceremony we drove back home and were able to use the GRILL to have a little backyard party for her.  

Not everything was grilled...

but most everything got eaten.  

Oh yeah, last Sunday was also our 34th wedding anniversary but nobody grilled us about that.  

Seems graduation trumps anniversary.  Happy Saturday all.  


  1. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. And happy Wedding Anniversary! Definitely a big week!! :)

  2. congrats to your daughter on her graduation! We just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on May 19 . . .and our daughter got married so our anniversary was WAY on the back burner - we didn't even exchange cards!


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