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Friday, July 14, 2017

July in Janetville - Creative Live Classes

In my search for information on crafting I came across Creative Live.

Sign Up at CreativeLive

It is an online "classroom" filled with lots of different classes on a wide variety of subjects.  Occasionally they have free classes and I have taken a few of them so far.  One was on making concertina collage books.  Another was on making altered book boxes.  Some were on maximizing my Etsy site and one on email marketing.  I was able to view the whole class and take notes, even ask questions, all for free.  Those were just the ones I was most interested in but they also have a lot of free ones on many other subjects:

Photo and Video
Art and Design
Music and Audio
Craft and Maker
Money and Life

The free classes generally run for 24 hours so, depending on how long the class is, you can sometimes watch it twice.  You can also buy the classes so that you can download them and access them as many times as you want, something I am seriously considering doing since I just looked at the notes I took on one of the classes and I can't read my own writing!  I was taking notes too fast and incompletely.

Right now they are having a sale on some of the classes.

At only $19 it is worth it to me to buy the ones that will help me with my marketing and optimizing my Etsy site.  I may even take one on photography to enhance my concert photo skills!  Or maybe one on writing.  Perhaps I have a novel bursting to come out!

How about you?  Ever want to take an online class?  Learn some new skills or brush up on some rusty ones?  Give it a try!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the links; however, it does not raise your prices one bit, just puts a couple dollars in my pocket for more craft supplies :)


  1. I do take a fair amount of on-line classes. I had a friend who was in the audience of one of the CreativeLive classes that was shot live so that's how I heard about them. It's great there are classes that can help you with your biz skills. I never want to stop learning things, but with the availability of so many wonderful on-line classes it's almost a problem at the other end of the spectrum. Finding balance without overwhelm.

    1. Very true, Deborah, and sometimes I think that maybe I should start DOING some of the things I'm learning about! Thanks for stopping by!


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