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Monday, March 6, 2017

Me in March - 2017

I have a lot of different little projects going on all the time.  It's how I relax.  It's how I express my creativity.  It's how I learn.

In picture #43 I talked about my One Little Word project with Ali Edwards and shared one of my February pages.

In March the prompt was to make some collage pages (or a big collage board if that's what you felt compelled to do).  I chose to make four pages to keep in my planner.

This is the first one.  I really want to continue to craft and I know there are a lot of very talented people out there who can make cards and scrapbooks so I made this one to remind myself that I don't have to compete with them.  There is room in this wide world for all kinds of creative voices and mine is just as valid as anyone else's.  I only need to compete (be true to) myself.  I love the colors in this and I am really happy with the way the picture of the bird with the saying works so well with the background sheet.

 This next one reminds me that I may not always know where the stairs lead, but if I believe in myself and explore, reach for the top, take the proverbial leap of faith if you will, the magic will happen.  It also teaches me that I can't just fly to the top, I need to take the baby steps and prepare for reaching the top.  Work at it.

Part of the planning and baby steps to climbing to the top involve journaling and listing and brainstorming and exploring the whys and why nots of what I want to do.  Love the flowing dress on this girl and the words on the background paper are like a glimpse into her diary.  

This last one, of course, is me taking my 365 pictures!  Keep taking chances and trust are the key words here.  Explore.  Watch the world around me.  Believe in myself.  I'm using this one as picture #65 in my 365 project.  

So, what do you think?  Do you ever journal?  Make collages?  Love to hear about it!


  1. I love your invitation to yourself Janet to remember to follow your heart and in doing so remember that your expression doesn't have to, nor should it, look like anyone else's. Great pages and having them up front and center in your planner sounds like a perfect plan.

    1. Thanks Deborah. Sometimes I am surprised by what comes from pushing papers around!

  2. Very nice work. I've never been successful at keeping a journal for long--wish I had because it would be nice for referencing my past. I've always thought about making a collage and actually even have an accumulation of cut-out images that I intend to incorporate into a collage one day.

    My oldest daughter used to make a lot of collages and for a while even had her own collage making business, but she didn't have enough business to make a living at it. I still have a bar stool in my home office that she decorated. I guess maybe that's more correctly described as decoupage, but it's like a collage on the seat of the stool.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yes, Arlee, decoupage works too. I'll bet that bar stool is cool! I've been journaling for ages, sometimes more so than others. Wish my parents and grandparents had journaled. I'm sure it would be fascinating reading.

  3. You're so right about taking the baby steps. I always want to write so much at once and end up doing nothing. I think I'll try journaling again. It always helped to clear my thoughts and figure out my whys and why not's. You give good advice; I'll put it to use today and see where these stairs take me.

    Lindsey @ Nosto

    1. Yes, Lindsey! Journaling helps get clarity a lot. Sometimes it's surprising what you find! Thanks for stopping by!