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Monday, October 31, 2016

Observing October

October 31 - Happy Halloween!

Another month whizzed by!  To close it out, here is the full moon from the 16th.  It was kind of a cloudy night and I love the way the moon was peaking out.

Here's my selfie for the month:

Busy in my craft room working to get some more things made.  I am participating in two Holiday Boutiques next month.  The first one is on the 14th at St. Robert's.  I went to grammar school there and I don't think I've been inside Hennessey Hall since I graduated from 8th grade!

The second one is at All Souls:

I'm really hoping that I can make a few sales this time.  I am trying some new ideas for products geared toward Christmas giving.  

The hubby and I went to Reno for the weekend and stopped at Black Bear Diner on the way up.  First time I had been to one.  Cute bears.  Good food too.

And, last but not least, I finished the Alchemist and am starting a new book, Moriarty.  I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan and this author has been approved by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate as someone who is faithful to the memory of the Great One.  

Tomorrow I am starting a project with a Facebook group I'm in for the month of November where we share 30 cherished memories.   I have a list made but I'm not sure which one I'll start with yet.  Hope you'll come read the stories.  


  1. Love a good full moon photo. This one with it behind the clouds add a bit of mystery to it. Nice capture.
    Black Bear Diner sounds interesting. What do they specialize in? Anything?
    I like Sherlock Holmes, though I always wish I had been more into him. Never have read the books, I really wish I had the time.
    I have seen the British episodes though. I love both actors in that series.
    Hope your activity next month goes well. I'll stop by and check it out, if you post her as well as Facebook.

    1. Thanks Jeffrey. I've been taking a picture of the full moon every month this year and it is not often that I get one cloudy like this. Most of them all look the same, just a big round moon. Black Bear Diner is a comfort food type place. Big portions and very friendly. There is a show you can catch on Netflix called "Sherlock" that I just recently binge watched. It is a very different take on the typical Sherlock in that they use modern methods like cell phones and computers. I loved it. I'll definitely be posting here and Facebook. Thanks for following.