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Friday, February 3, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017

February 3 - I like to find snappy titles for my months.  It makes it more fun for me and also easier to search if I need to find something I posted.  This month was a tough one but I think I've found something that will work well - Fancy-Free February. 

As in "footloose and fancy-free," having no responsibilities, free to imagine or fancy.  I do have responsibilities, don't get me wrong, it's just that with so much political turmoil going on around, I'd like to step back into a time when things seemed less pressing.  Free to imagine or fancy sounds right up my alley! 

So, first up in our Fancy-Free February (which is already three days old!) are the pictures from the 365 Picture project:

#31 is actually the top of this picture, which shows my 4-meal cooking plan.  I'm finding that if I make four dinners at a time it is much easier for me to stay on track with my weight loss.  As of now I've lost 31 pounds.  Still a way to go but this is definitely helping.  

The bottom part of this picture shows what I've decided to do in the journal I'm keeping for the 365 pictures.  By using these calendar cards I can keep track of the pictures in case I need to find one and can't remember when I took it.  Plus, it will help me with keeping the numbers consecutive.  At the beginning of the month I always want to start with 1!

#32 is my word for this year, Believe.  I colored this and it is hanging in my craft room.  

#33 - Powdered peanut butter!  What will they think of next?  Two tablespoons of this has only 45 calories compared to Jif at 190!  I can believe it's real peanut butter.  (See what I did there?)

#34 - Super stamping.  One of my cool new tools is this MISTI stamper.  You can stamp with several stamps at once and/or keep stamping in the exact same spot every time if you are making something like Christmas cards or invitations.  It is also good if you are using layered stamps and adding dimension to a project.

This one is the original MISTI (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented), but I also have the WR Memory Keepers Precision Press because, although it is smaller, it does not have an edge on one side so I can use it for bigger pieces of paper.  Tim Holtz has designed one as well and it has different properties too but I can't justify having 3 of them.  Maybe if I hadn't gotten the Precision Press I would have gotten the one by Tim Holtz but oh well.  

Okay, that's a recap for now and a start to this Fancy-Free February.  Sunday is the big Super Bowl and although I'm not a big football fan, I like to watch the half-time show and we go to some friend's house and it is nice to visit. 

How about you?  Tired of all the negativity? Ready for some Footloose and Fancy-Free?  Super Bowl plans?  Love to hear about it.   


  1. Foot-loose February is a delightful way to frame the month Janet. I love naming things as well - there's real power and joy in that. Perhaps I'll go with Fabulous and Heart-Focused February - yes, I can get behind that!

    Congratulations on your weight loss - that's very impressive! And what a great plan to incorporate your creativity to both inspire you and keep you on track.

    Love your word too. I can imagine all manner of magic and delight you're inviting in, and yay to that.

    I'm definitely not much of a sports fan, so there won't be any football watching for me this weekend. But I'm hoping to crack open some books and lose myself in reading. I'm on track with my goal to read 100 books this year - I've got 10 under my belt already.

    1. OMG 10 books done already? I am in awe. I'm bringing some coloring to do while the game is on so I don't eat too much and my husband gets into a few football pools so I want the team that will make us the most money to win!


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