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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jumpin' July

July 13 -- Movin' and Groovin'

So, anybody who's been following my posts (I hope lots of people), or knows me personally knows that I love to scrapbook and make mini-albums and cards and other fun stuff with papers.

My pride and joy is this WorkBox from The Original ScrapBox company.

I have one of the original versions and I absolutely love it.  My husband and I put it together a few years ago and it is such a pleasure to use it.  It is filled with tons of stuff and makes crafting so much easier to have everything in one place.  

However, I also have a paper addiction.  I have to have a separate bookcase for papers (this is not even all of the paper I have):

So my scrap room looked like this:

From the doorway
Left wall

 Messy because I was right in the middle of a project and I knew things were going to be changing so I wanted to capture the "before."  Above on the left is from the doorway.  The one next to it is the left wall as you look in the door.  Below is the right wall as you look in the door.

Right wall

I have a lot of stuff!  Most of it I know where to find and I do use a lot when I make my albums.  I have an Etsy shop so I am hoping to be able to make some extra money using it all. 

Our daughter just moved out completely to her own place closer to where she is going to school and has told us that she would prefer to live there full time rather than come home.  We support her decision and are very proud of her for making the transition to being on her own.  (A little sad of course because she was our baby).  

At any rate, we decided to offer a room to a friend of ours and I thought that since there was going to be some major moving going on, I'd move my craft room into the other room and let our friend have the front bedroom.  

Therefore, over the last few days, I moved (with a lot of help from our son and some help from hubby, who just had surgery so he can't do much) ALLLL my stuff.   

Looking in the door

Right wall looking in from the door

Left side

As you can see, just about all I did was move it!  There is very little order other than the big pieces of furniture are where they are supposed to be but all the little odds and ends are in a big pile in the middle of the floor.  I am taking the opportunity to go through some things and organize them better and perhaps purge some things I don't think I'll use.  

I still have some shelving to put up and rearranging to do but just from looking at these pictures I know I am going to like this room better.  It has much better lighting, maybe because the walls are white as opposed to the orangey color in the other room.  Maybe because the window isn't blocked as much.  

Also, I am sharing the room with my husband and son as they have a pretty massive baseball card collection which takes up the entire closet and some built in drawers.  

I've got my work cut out for me and I better get it done pretty quickly because I have a craft show in a month.  I need to make some more things to sell (or at least get the things I have already made out of this pile!)  Wish me luck.  I'll post the after pictures when it's all done.  What do you think so far?


  1. Oh, a person who has moved her craft room more than once, I know the job you're up against. I hope you get everything organized in time to get your crafting done for the craft show! Enjoy your new and brighter space!

    1. Thanks Deb! I am actually doing really well. I am still working on a few sorting projects, I have so much paper! But at least all the big stuff is where I want it.