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Friday, June 3, 2016

Jubilant June

June 3 -  Who Are You?

On May 19 we saw The Who in Oakland.  This is another one of those bands that we wanted to make sure to catch because while the name of the tour is The Who Hits 50, the founding band member are more like in their seventies and how much longer can they keep touring?  

They did pretty much cover all their hits and we had the added excitement (?) that it was Pete Townshend's 71st (told you!) birthday that night. 

He certainly didn't do any of this!

They had a large screen behind them and showed lots of pictures from their 50 years of hits.

This was the one during "Behind Blue Eyes."

                                          Peter stopped a few times during the show to chat up the crowd and seemed to enjoy bringing up the fact that "It is my birthday..." to which the crowd cheered, and to pay tribute to fallen band members, Keith Moon and John Entwistle

Roger Daltrey shared a few of his own stories (like the time he got a girl pregnant early in their career and then married her but it didn't work out).

But mostly it was about the music and after 21 songs, there wasn't one I could think of that they missed.  

Pinball Wizard

It was a great start to our 2016 concert series.  One down, eight more to go.  

What about you?  Ever seen The Who?    

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  1. I've never seen The Who, but I've enjoyed their music for about 50 years now. Hard to believe! So much for their "hope I die before I get old", but I guess age is just a state of mind. Long live rock and roll!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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