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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Reflections

December 9 - Fave Photo of 2015.  

Another difficult one to decide on!  We did a lot of things this year and I am forever taking pictures of everything!  After spending some time going through my iPhoto for the year, I finally decided that this one is my favorite of the year.  

We had just landed at John Wayne Airport on our way to Bill's family reunion in Huntington Beach.  This was the first time the family had all taken a vacation together in a very long time.  We were just going to be gone for two nights but we had not seen the relatives since we hosted the reunion in 2006 so it was special for us. 

I remembered that when Amanda and Jeff were little we took a vacation to Disneyland and had taken a picture by this very statue so I wanted to take another one.  We tried to recreate the picture but there have been some changes over the years, most notably the addition of Rachel!  We had a friendly passer-by take the above picture and this is the one that we took in 1993.

John Wayne hasn't aged a bit!  As this year has gone on with all the changes in our family, Rachel away in college, Amanda and Jeff both out on their own, it is apparent that the opportunities to take pictures like this will become fewer and fewer.  I suppose that's how it is in all families as the kids get older.  I am thankful that my kids and Bill indulge me in my memory making photo ops.   

What's your favorite photo of 2015?  Please share! 

Here are the prompts for December Reflections if you want to hop on!

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