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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Reflections

December 15 - The soundtrack of 2015

Concerts have become my passion, my guilty pleasure.  I never went when I was younger and I know I missed a lot.  I'm trying to catch up.  We went to eight this year:

Bob Seger - Ride Out Tour

This is the second time we've seen him.  Both times were excellent.  He puts so much into his music.  His new album has a couple really good songs.  Interestingly, he did not do the title song, which is one of my favorites.

SAP Center 3/5/15

Bob Seger

Then we saw Rain, a Beatles Tribute Band.  We've seen another tribute band called the Fab Four as well.  I think I like the Rain ensemble better.  They really do a good job with changing costumes between sets to simulate the different stages of the Beatles.  From farther back (squinting your eyes), it almost looks like the Beatles.  At any rate, the whole place was singing along with every tune.

"The Beatles"

Neil Diamond was next.  This was an interesting adventure because Bill was suffering with his sciatica and we had to use a wheelchair or he would not have made it.  Neil Diamond definitely looks older but he can still get the crowd into it.  It was a great show, and the staff at SAP Center were very accommodating with our "handicapped" status.


Neil Diamond

The Mountain Winery concerts started with Pat Benatar and we were lucky to see John Waite as the opening act.  We had front row, side seats.  It was a terrific show.  The Winery is such a pretty place.

John Waite

Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar


Another Winery event was Huey Lewis and the News.  This was a fun concert because we went with some very good friends but the actual performance was less than we expected.  Huey wanted to sing some new songs, always a risky thing to do because most of the time it's the oldies we want to hear.  In addition, for the first time in all the concerts we've been to at the Winery, it started to rain.  They had to stop the concert in the middle and as there was a time limit, the concert was cut short.  Instead of finishing up with his more well known songs, Huey decided to add some more new songs.  We were less than impressed.


Huey Lewis

The last of the Mountain Winery concerts for this year was Heart.  I went with my daughter, Amanda, because it was right after Bill's surgery and he was not able to travel yet.  The Wilson sisters were fantastic.


Ann and Nancy Wilson

September brought ACDC to AT&T Park.  We had General Admission tickets, which meant there were no seats, just standing by the stage.  We were able to get reasonably close to the stage, but once the band came out, we were being pushed together like sardines.  We decided to go toward the back of the lawn and still had a great view because of the huge screens.  Such a great show.  For those about to Rock!


Angus Young

Last, but certainly not least, Scorpions at SAP Center.  Again, we had great seats, next to the runway and the band certainly kept coming down to play close to us.

Such energy!!  Absolutely marvelous way to end the concert season for this year.

In addition to these marvelous shows, we also saw the comedians, Roseanne Barr and Ron White.

That's the soundtrack of our 2015.  I am really excited because the soundtrack of 2016 is going to include Adele!!

What was your soundtrack like?

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