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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Reflections

I am going to do my best to keep up with this December Reflections party with Susannah Conway.  Feel free to come along too.  I'll be posting mostly on Instagram but I'm going to try to post some blogs as well.  Here goes...

December Reflections

December 1 is Sparkle:

Earlier this year I had a mishap with my wedding rings and they were horribly bent out of shape.  I had them fixed and my the wedding bands came out great but the anniversary ring I had from our 10th anniversary was not able to be repaired completely and there is a definite gap between some of the diamonds.  It bothers me.  I saw the advertisement for the new ring of the season, "Ever Us" which is a two-stone diamond ring that is supposed to signify that your significant other is your lover and your best friend.  I am a sucker for stuff like that because I believe in the fairy tale romance.  I chose the wedding set because from the side, the diamonds look to me like a winding road up to a castle. Fortunately I have a wonderful husband who indulges me most of the time.  I actually ordered the ring but when it came it just didn't work with my wedding set.  Then the very nice woman at the jewelry store suggested an "enhancer."  My wedding rings slip right in the middle of this piece and I think they look beautiful.  The picture doesn't do them justice but they truly do sparkle!

December 2 - Hot Drink

It is getting much colder lately and even though we still haven't had very much rain, we have started using the heater to warm the house.  One of my favorite kinds of tea is the Egyptian Licorice from Yogi.

It takes just like black licorice.  I don't even need to add sugar or honey.  It warms the insides quite nicely.

Hope you can follow along with me and share your December reflections.  Watch for the #decemberreflections on Instagram as well!    


  1. Such a cute post. I love this. The ring is beautiful...and I am a Yogi tea fan. Will give the licorice flavor a try!