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Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge - Book 17

Finished the Rolling Stones Interviews book.  It was not as interesting as I thought it might be and so it, too, took longer than I wanted.  I confess I skipped a few of the interviews of people I had really no interest in, but I'm still counting it because it was my "book of short stories."

I'm trying to get one more book in before the end of the year and I just might make it.  The book my daughter helped me find is...

This poor girl was kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for 18 years.  I started reading it on the plane coming home from our Christmas in Oregon and am already on page 101.  While I read it, I am thinking of my own two girls and how terrible it must have been for Jaycee's mother not to have known where she was for so long.  Not to mention the horrible feeling I get in the pit of my stomach reading what happened to Jaycee at the hands of her captors.  She is very strong to write this story.  I am counting it as my "book based on a true story."

I found at least two 2016 Book Challenge lists and am looking forward to giving it another go.  The first one is from Pop Sugar and that is where I found the list for this year.  Next year's list is:

There are only 40 books on this list, so if I choose this one and actually finish all 40, I'd pick some of the ones from the 2015 list that I didn't get to.  

But, I just found this list from Challies as well and now I am torn.  This list has four stages so you can pick how dedicated to reading you want to be.  This list has a lot of different types of books and includes religious ones, which the Pop Sugar one does not. However, there are enough other suggestions on the list so that if you are not interested in religious books, you'll still find plenty to choose from.  You don't have to stick within the four categories:  Light, Avid, Committed, Obsessed, you can just pick whichever ones you want.   

So there it is.  Whatever you decide, I'd love to hear about your books.  Feel free to leave me comments and/or find me on Goodreads (I am Scr4pl80).  Goodreads also has recommendations for books to read as part of a challenge.  

Happy reading!


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