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Monday, November 2, 2015

Nostalgic November - 2015

November 2 - Yesterday you met the Restani side of the family.  That was my mother's side.  Today I'll share the little I have about the Stagnaro family, my father's side.  I guess because he was a male, they did not think he needed any family pictures?  I am not sure who has them all, if there even are any.  I know I have only been able to gather a few.  

The couple on the left are my father's parents on their wedding day.  They had 5 children, two boys and three girls.  I am not sure who the other couple is.  I do think that my dad looks like my grandfather.  I am sorry that I never met either one of them.  They passed away long before I was born.

Giacomo and Natalia Stagnaro

Great grandparents

Aunt Elizabeth on the left
Aunt Hilda and Uncle Al are the
bride and groom

Aunt Irene and Uncle Lloyd

My aunts and uncles on my dad's side are a little less familiar to me than my mom's brother's and sisters, although I do have some memories of them.

I remember going to visit Aunt Elizabeth in San Francisco.  That was a big thing once we moved to San Bruno.  We hardly ever went to the city!

Aunt Irene and Uncle Lloyd lived in San Mateo.  He owned a chocolate company (Boldeman's Chocolate) and we used to get boxes of "pokies" when we went to visit them.  Pokies were like M & M's.  Once upon a time they sold "pokies" at the candy counter in Sears.

Uncle Richie

My Uncle Richie used to come and visit us all the time.  I think he looked like Marlon Brando in the Godfather.  

BBQ at Aunt Hilda's

Aunt Hilda lived in Mountain View and had lots of fruit trees.  We used to go there for BBQ's with the family and would come home with bags of fruit.  

My dad was the best.  He was so proud of his plants that he had growing all over the garden.  I miss him a lot.    

That's the family.  I am trying to document as much as I can and gather as many pictures as I can so that our kids will have some idea about their family history.  We'll see where this Nostalgic November takes us!  

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