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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nostalgic November - 2015

November 17 - The games we play.

The hubs and I watched Pixel the other night.  It is not an academy award winner in my eyes but it was kind of cute.  It did, however, bring back some memories of games we used to play.  Donkey Kong and Pac Man weren't my specialty but I did play a mean Burger Time.

I was really thinking more of the games I played as a child.  We did not have video games or arcade games and most of the games I played I used my imagination.

This is me (yes, I am sucking my thumb), age 4.  I am laying on the floor in our living room surrounded by my dolls.  I am exhausted after playing a game I called Orphanage.  I used to take all my dolls and put them in the closet by our front door.  I would pretend I was a nun in an orphanage and I would knock on the door and then open it, pick up one of the dolls and say, "Look what someone left on our doorstep!"  I would take the doll, dress it and pretend to feed it and then put it down for a nap.  While that "orphan" was sleeping, I'd do the whole thing again with another doll.  That game would take hours.

I also played Library with all of our books.  I'd pretend to check out the books and then put them back on the shelves again.

One of my favorite games was bakery shop.  I would take my parent's poker chips and spread them out on the kitchen table and then get empty salt and pepper shakers and pretend they were filled with different kinds of sprinkles.  No calories there!

I certainly don't feel like I was deprived as a child and I have some pretty fond memories of those days.  How about you?  Any favorite games from your childhood?

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