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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Outstanding October - 2015

October 20 - This past weekend I had two very different but very fun outings.  The first was on Saturday where I got a chance to celebrate the collective 60th birthdays of our high school graduating class of 1973.

The idea for this came a couple of years ago when our class got together for three magical days to celebrate our 40th reunion!

Banner from our reunion two years ago

Yikes!  Such a long time!  Some of us (me included) were a little nervous about meeting up with people we had not seen in 40 years.  After all, with a few exceptions, most of us have changed just a bit.  As I said, the three days we had together was something magical and since we all wanted a reason to get together again, our 60th birthdays sounded like just the right excuse!

60 cupcakes for 60 years

Blue and gold were our school colors

Decorations up
Aside from the charge to rent the space, this was a very low cost, low key affair.  Everyone brought their own food and some brought things to share.  Most everyone also contributed to reimbursing the classmates who had put down the money to rent the picnic area.  Such a generous class!

I think one of the reasons we want to stay in touch with each other is that our high school has not only been shut down for many years, but lately there has been talk of tearing the old building down to build more housing.  That will be a very sad day.  Plus, we're just a really nice bunch of people!  We have our characters for sure, but that just adds to the fun.  There were a few kids (yes, I said kids), who came to the birthday party who had not been able to make it to the reunion and it was very nice to see them!  Now we are trying to figure out a reason to get together again.

The next day, Sunday, I participated in my very first craft vendor fair.  It was a good learning experience for me and I did even manage to make a couple of sales!  


Mini albums

There are some things I would do differently.  I think I need to find a shelf or something so I can utilize more height.  I forgot to bring some scarves I had intended to sell but it turns out I probably would not have had room for them anyway.  I forgot to charge sales tax, but I only sold two things so that's not a big deal.  I'm glad I thought to take pictures of the table so I could see how things looked from the other side and I'm pretty happy with the banner I made for the front of the table.  I'm thinking of doing another one next month to catch the holiday shoppers.  

Well, that's the latest installment of Outstanding October!  I need a few days to recoup but I'm looking forward to finishing this month with some more outstanding happenings!

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