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Friday, October 2, 2015

Outstanding October - 2015

October 2 -- After the Spectacular September Blog-tember challenge, I am ready for an Outstanding October, how about you?  I am pretty proud of the fact that I managed to post 23 times last month, mostly thanks to the challenge!

On to October, which is starting off with a bang!  I did not post yesterday because I had work to catch up on since last night was our last concert of the year, Scorpions at SAP Center.  We decided to leave the house early in hopes of missing most of the work traffic and get to San Jose with enough time to find a place to have something to eat before the concert.  We did hit some traffic but managed to get down there in plenty of time.  Not having researched the area, which is something I usually do, we did not know quite where to find a place to eat.  All we really wanted was some appetizer type food and a drink.  As luck would have it, we found the perfect spot.  It was on a side street off the main road and we just kind of happened on it by accident.  There was a parking spot right in front and a sign outside that said "Riverboat Prawns and garlic bread."  We parked and went in.  It is called "Louisiana Bistro" and says that it is the "taste of N'awlins."  We decided on a sampler tray which consisted of popcorn shrimp, catfish and chicken wings and a side caesar salad.  We were very impressed.  In fact, there were so many good things on the menu that we decided we must go back again.

Next it was on to the concert.  First our typical pre-concert mini-tailgate:

and then it was in to the SAP Center to our favorite little bar:

Sounds like we drink a lot but not really.

We made our way down to our seats...on the floor, 14 rows back from the stage, which had a runway that ended right near where we were sitting so I knew we were going to get some good shots.

First up was Queensryche, a band that I thought was a Queen's cover band.  Turns out it is not.  I didn't know any of the songs but Bill knew a few.  Not really my type of music but whatever.  It all adds to the experience.

And then came Scorpions!  One of the best concerts ever.  Certainly the best one of this year, although ACDC last week was pretty darn good too.

Up close

and personal
The band was up and down the runway all night and Kottak's drum set rose high into the air.  I have some great pictures that I will be posting on Facebook and definitely will go into my concert scrapbook.  I even managed to get a video of "Rock You Like a Hurricane."

We made friends with a couple that was sitting behind us and all in all it was a fantastic night.  Definitely the kind of thing I want to happen for an Outstanding October.  

Today it was back to the grind of work and the routine, but I suppose all 31 days of October aren't necessarily going to be outstanding.  I don't think I could handle too many days in a row like yesterday...I'm getting too old :)

I hope you are ready to roll with me on this October of fun.  Let me know how yours is going.  I love comments!    

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