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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spectacular September - 2015

September 9 - Blog-tember Day 9

Send a letter to 16-year-old you.

Well, it seems from looking at some of the other blog participants on this journey that I am among the oldest, if not THE oldest, member of the group.  Given that I turned 60 this year, going all the way back to sweet 16 is a challenge of its own!

Dear Janet:

Going into the nursing profession is your dream right now but in a few years you'll get some advice from your sister, Judy, that will change your future.  By following that advice, you will eventually be able to work from home doing medical transcription and have a lot more freedom than if you had a 9 to 5 nursing job.  It may entail working some nights or early mornings, but working in your pajamas at 11 PM or 5 AM doesn't sound quite as bad as being in a hospital or doctor's office at that hour.  

You will have weight struggles all your life.  Get used to it, get over it and do what you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

I know you think right now that you will never find your true love, but relax, because although it does take a while and you do make one brief mistake, you will meet a man who loves you for who you are, not what you look like and he will treat you like a queen.  

Children are not something that you are looking for right now either because you are burned out from watching the nephews and doing babysitting work but you'll have three of the best kids in the world and you'll handle it well because you've got so much experience!

Keep scrapbooking and crafting because that, too, will lead to a significant part of your future.  Imagine selling something you made!  It's a great feeling.


Hold your family and friends close, you will lose some of them much sooner than you think possible.

Keep listening to music.  It will help you through the bad times and make the good times that much better.

Trust me, you're going to have a great life!

All my love,  Janet