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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spectacular September - 2015

September 30 -- Here we are at the end of another month!  I can't believe September is gone already.  I have had so much fun participating in the Blog-tember challenge this month.  It has been really interesting reading everyone else's contributions.  I know there are a few blogs out there I am going to keep an eye on.

I did miss a few days and I did not do the Vlog yet, although that is on my list of things to try.  New books to read and some good ideas for future blog topics were also fun to collect.  Big thanks to Bailey Jean for leading us through this challenge!  I definitely will be looking for it next year!

Now we head off to Outstanding October.  I've got a few things coming up this month that will be exciting to share.  The first being tomorrow night when we see our last planned concert of the year, Scorpions.  It also is the month of a huge 60th birthday celebration for our high school graduating class of 1973 and I am going to participate in my first ever craft fair!  Hold onto your hats, here we go!

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