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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spectacular September - 2015

September 19 - Blog-tember question of the day, "Tell us about on of the best days of your life."

I'd have to say I've had a lot of really good days, fortunately.  There are 4 that stand out and I have to share them all, so sit back and relax a minute!

The first has to be my wedding day.  Even though it was 31 years ago, I can remember it like it was yesterday.  It started out with my fiancĂ© locking his keys in the car and ending up having to call AAA to get them out, so we were late getting started.  It was okay, though, because it was a very small wedding and we were at Vista Point in Zephyr Cove overlooking Lake Tahoe.  That, alone, sounds so romantic to me.  The weather was wonderful.  There had been a ceremony just before ours and as the bride was coming around the corner she handed me her bouquet!  I had just gotten a wristlet for myself because we were trying to keep expenses down and I couldn't see spending money on flowers that wouldn't last.  The bouquet matched my dress perfectly!

After the wedding we went to Harold's Casino and had lunch and then everyone went off to gamble at the casinos.  I managed to win enough on the slots to pay for the wedding almost!  I remember everyone stopping us to congratulate us on our wedding.  It was a truly special day and I don't regret for a minute that we didn't have a huge church wedding with a lot of people.  

The other three "best" days are the days our children were born.  Each one was as different as the children are, although all three were so comfortable inside that they had to be induced to come out!  

Amanda, our oldest, didn't have a name until after she was born.  We thought of Michelle and Tiffany for example, but once she was born Amanda seemed to fit.  She took all day to come out and when the doctor asked if I wanted medication I said, "No, not yet."  Later, when I said, "Okay, I'll take those drugs now," they told me it was TOO LATE!  Now I am glad she was born naturally, but then I was like, "Why didn't you tell me there was a time limit?"

Our son was late also.  Jeff was supposed to be a 4th of July baby but he waited and waited.  Finally, my doctor said that he was going on vacation so if I wanted him to deliver the baby, I needed to be induced again.  I really liked the doctor and didn't want to run the risk of having the baby without him so we induced.   This time I said, "I did it without meds the first time so I can do it again."  How easily we forget the pain of childbirth!  Jeff's shoulder got stuck and in the middle of delivery they had to put the head of my bed down so that the doctor could manipulate the baby.  That was kind of scary but everything turned out okay.

Last but definitely not least is our Rachel.  Unlike the other two, Rachel was early.  In fact, my water broke while I was still working.  I was on my last week of work and was supposed to lead a meeting that night since I was president of the PTA.  I had to call the vice-president and ask her to take over for me.  Fortunately, I worked right across the street from the hospital so I was able to get myself checked in and then called my husband at work.  Still, Rachel was not quite ready to make an appearance and we had to induce her as well.  Nothing was happening so I told my husband to go home and get some sleep.  The next morning they started the medicine to induce and I called my hubby and said, "If you want to see this baby being born you need to get here now!"  As he was coming down the hallway he said he could hear me screaming!  There's that natural delivery for you.

Anyway, those are four of the best days of my life.  How about you?  Love to hear about yours.  Don't forget to stop by the Blog-tember page and check out some of the other participants.


  1. Those are such lovely 'best' days. I don't think we can ever limit ourselves to one best day - our lives are made up of lots of best days that we treasure. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    the Noveltea Corner

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stef. Guess that's why I scrapbook...too many "best" days! Thank God! Gives me a good excuse to use up all my supplies :)

  2. Janet what a wonderful post! You were such a beautiful bride, I love your photo and getting married beside Lake Tahoe must have been fabulous! Your wee ones are just beautiful babies. I love that we all have so many lovely memories of wonderful days, thank you for sharing, sending hugs from a getting chilly & starting to feel like autumn Scotland xx