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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spectacular September - 2015

September 16 - Blog-tember question of the day, "The real you versus the online you, are they the same or different?"

I pride myself on being honest.  My family will tell you I never lie and I don't appreciate people who do.  So, as far as my online me versus the real me, I'd say they are pretty much the same.  The whole purpose for this blog is to share little things that I think might bring a smile to your face, to showcase my scrapbooking and card making projects, perhaps to put a spark in whoever reads this (assuming someone does actually read it) to make a bit of a difference in their world, maybe to share some bit of trivia that you didn't know.  If someone happens to stop by my Etsy shop using the link on the side of the blog, more's the better!

There are some personal things that I don't share, either because I don't think it would interest people or because it involves someone else who may not want the "world" to know their business (again, that's assuming anyone but me actually reads this!)

So, that's the real, online me!  Don't forget to check the other Blog-tember posters.  Lots of interesting stories out there!

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