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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Spectacular September - 2015

September 12 - Blog-tember prompt, "What are you up to currently?

Taking the suggestions from Bailey Jean at the Brave Love Blog, here is what I am up to currently:

Reading - I am reading "Friendly Fire" by C.D.B Bryan.  It is Book 14 of my 2015 Book Challenge.  It is going faster than some of the other ones but given that I am only reading at night before I fall asleep, some nights I only get two or three pages read.
Playing - Along with this Blog-tember Challenge!
Watching - The Giants on TV whenever I can.  Baseball is my favorite sport and it is getting down to the wire.
Trying - To focus on getting things organized again.
Cooking - It's been really hot here lately so my "cooking" has been mostly consisting of making salads!
Eating - Healthier.  Since there is just my husband and I at home now, I have told him that I need to follow my Hungry Girl meal plans again.  I was able to lose 26 pounds the last time, I know I can do it again.
Drinking - Coffee, lemon water
Calling - My mom to make sure she is doing okay.  She is 92!
Texting - My kids and my niece mostly.
Pinning - I just starting pinning things on Pinterest.  I was slow to hop on that bandwagon.
Tweeting - I don't tweet yet.
Going - To a comedy club tonight to see Josh Blue.
Loving - Reading everyone's posts in this Blog-tember group!
Hating - That I can't just automatically wake up and be thin.
Discovering - New techniques I want to try on my projects.
Thinking - About what to work on next.
Feeling - Excited to have lunch with my girlfriend today.  She moved recently and we haven't been able to do our monthly lunches for a long time.
Hoping - I can make some good sales at the craft fair I am participating in next month.
Listening - iTunes shuffle whenever I can.
Celebrating - Being alive!
Smelling - The scent of the candle burning in my scraproom.
Ordering - A new iPhone I think.  Not the newest one but the 6 because I can get it for $99.
Thanking - God that my husband's back surgery came out well and that he is no longer in pain and can function again.
Considering - Remodeling the bathroom and buying a new car.
Starting - To plan for our mini-vacation in a couple of weeks to Boulder Creek.
Finishing - The cards I started making the other night.

Quite a laundry list of things!  Notice doing the laundry is not on the list but probably should be!

What about you?  What's your current situation?  Love to hear about it.

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  1. I can relate to so many of your items: reading (I challenge myself to read 20 books a year), twitting (I don't Tweet either), Pinning (I'm slow to pinning as well), going ( I love comedy clubs), loving (reading everyone's post as well), Hating (that I'm not thin), discovering (I love trying new techniques), thinking (always planning my next project) and finishing (Halloween party invitations).
    You asked how we like traveling by fifth-wheel? We love it. I prefer it to hotels or cabins because you can enjoy the outdoors and return each evening to your own home. Plus our golden retriever always travels with us and in my own bed I don't worry about bed bugs.


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