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Monday, August 3, 2015

Amazing August - 2015

August 3 --

The prompt in August Break is "Skin."  For that I asked my daughter if I could use her arm.  She recently exercised her right as an adult to get a tattoo, even though she knows that I am not a fan of so called "body art" as a general rule.  My older daughter has a few tattoos, mostly in relatively inconspicuous spots such as her ankle or on her wrist.  I don't even notice them much.  So, when Rachel came to me and told me that she wanted a tattoo, of course I made a face (moms, you know the one!)  Then she asked me to write a phrase for her and told me the design of the tattoo.  It was going to be on her forearm and was going to say "La Vita e Bella" and have 6 swallows, one for each member of our family and one for our pet cat, Whisper, who had died earlier this year.  Our swallows would be fully darkened and the one for Whisper was to be just an outline.

Knowing that she was 18 and could get any tattoo she wanted, and the fact that she wanted me to write the phrase, made this tattoo a little different in my opinion.  I was thinking that she would get something small, down by her wrist perhaps.  Imagine my surprise when she sent me a picture of it:

That definitely is my handwriting!  Had I known she was really going to use it exactly as written, I probably would have written smaller!  But, the sentiment is so right, Life is Beautiful, and I am happy she as that reminder with her (don't tell her I said that!) When I asked her if I could use her arm for this prompt, she got a really great smile on her face and immediately jumped up to take the picture.  I'm glad I asked.

For Sparkles, the task was to Scribble!  How fun is that?  Scribble like you did when you were in kindergarten.  Scribble to music.  Scribble with two hands, two crayons, both!  This is my scribble:

I had the baseball game on, turned the sound down on the TV and put on a little ACDC "Let's Play Ball."  It was fun.  I didn't use two hands but I did use smelly pencils:  lemon lime fizzle, watermelon, orange lollipop, cotton candy, bubblegum and strawberry cupcake.  Man the room smells great!  Such a freeing experience, not having to stay within any lines or have any form.  Sometimes I feel like I am too rigid in my thinking and actions.  I am hoping to remember that playing is fun.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next?  I am too!  

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