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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Amazing August - 2015

August 1

I have a busy month planned for myself.  First up is "Sparkles" with Jamie Ridler.  I have been following Jamie now for a few years and the last month-long thing I did with her was the Kickin-It Old School Blog-a-thon a few years ago.  What great fun it was.  This time it is "Sparkles" which theoretically should take only five minutes a day.  Today's prompt was:  "Say cheese!"  I am not really fond of taking pictures of myself, but this is me, today, beginning this Sparkle:

It is taken in our living room.  I am watching a movie with Bill.  It is a Saturday morning and although I have work to do, I decided to start that later and watch the movie.  I'm glad I did.

You can join the Sparkles group too, just click on the link above.  Your registration will help with her rescue of three little kittens.  That's a cute story in itself!

The second thing I am participating in this month is August Break with Susannah Conway.  I did the April Love Challenge with her this year and used Flickr for the first time.  This month we are going to take a picture a day. That doesn't seem too difficult either.  Her prompt for today was "Breakfast."  I could have cheated and used the same picture for both because coffee is the first thing I have every morning but I didn't think that was fair.  So:

This is a scramble of egg beaters, bacon bits, spinach and cheese with a low cal english muffin.  Trying to follow Hungry Girl again.  So easy a plan, I just need to continue to commit.

So, that's what my Amazing (hopefully) August is going to be filled with.  I am also finishing the last few weeks of the Inner Excavate-Along, although to be truthful, I am not able to do every prompt each week.  That's okay though because the book is filled with such goodness that I will have fun working through it several times!  

I hope you will come along with me this month.  Should be some exciting things happening!  We also have 3 more concerts at the Mountain Winery, Rachel goes back to college on the 22nd and Bill should have his back surgery as well.  Wow!  


  1. Wow Janet - Sparkles looks to be a great adventure. I am in Inner Excavate too and enjoying that as well. So much fun finding these creative boosts!

    1. Yes, Mary, I agree. Thanks for taking time to comment! It is especially fun to see other people's take on the same prompt, Leads to lots of awakenings. Have a wonderful August!