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Sunday, July 5, 2015

July's Journeys - 2015

July 5 -- The day after...

When I was younger, 4th of July meant party time.  We lived in the bend of a block in San Bruno and our house was the hub for the neighborhood 4th of July celebration.  We had a pot luck dinner and families from across the street and up and down the block would come and hang out at our house, waiting for it to get dark.  There were lots of kids around my age and we all gathered together and played games trying to kill time.  It was great.  When it got dark enough the grownups would start lighting off the fireworks and we would play with sparklers.

At that time (we are talking 50+ years ago - YIKES!) the highway was not built on the hill above our house and the city would shoot off the big fireworks in the sky...the kind that are illegal in our town now!  It was magical.

Over the years, the highway was built, the families grew up and moved away and 4th of July didn't mean as much.  Oh, yes, the fireworks are still nice to see but usually I only see them when it is fireworks night at the baseball game.  

For the last few years now, though, it has almost come to feel like those days of long ago because we have had a few friends over on the 4th and although we don't have a true pot luck dinner, everyone brings some munchies and fireworks abound in our front yard.  Just the "Safe and Sane" ones for sure, but they can actually make a pretty good show!

My husband promised me when we were first dating that he would show me fireworks every year.  One year we even crawled out the bathroom window and sat on the roof to see the fireworks from the city.  This is what he showed me this year:

Not bad for front yard fireworks, right?  Hope you all had a safe 4th.  

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