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Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Jottings - 2015

June 7 -- My new space.

I know that everyone is just dying to know what I have managed to accomplish with my new craft room.  Now that my son has moved out to begin life on his own (with roommates), my daughter, who is spending summer home from college has moved into his old room and I can take a little bit more space in the room that was hers.  I am still sharing it with the baseball card collection, but we cohabit nicely.

An old dresser holds the TV underneath some wall shelving. 

My pride and joy Scrapbox

Desk that holds a sewing machine and some other storage containers.

Paper storage and my "in the process" albums.

The baseball card collection takes up the closet and part of the wall next to the desk:

I have a folding table that can be used if hubby or son want to come and "play" with their baseball cards. 

It's MUCH nicer than what I used to have in a corner of the living room!

Stage 2

Stage 1

It was quite difficult to "create" in this spot because not only did I not have very much room, since it was in the living room I felt I had to clean everything up once I was finished for the day, even if I wasn't finished with the project I was working on.  Now if I am in the middle of something and have to stop, I can leave the work out and simply close the door to the room and not have to worry about it.  I am still organizing exact placement of things and I suppose that's going to go on for a while as I work with it.  I know I need more light by the sewing desk and I am seriously considering the add-on door compartments for the Scrapbox.  For now, it's my little haven.

What do you think?  I'd love to hear comments!    


  1. Your new craft room looks great! I took over my son's room when he moved out and it is so nice to have a room of your own :-)

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I felt just a little guilty at first because my daughter was still using the room on her home-from-college breaks but once our son moved out and we could give his room to her, there was no stopping me!

  3. Oh how fun Janet to peek into your studio. And how great to now have a dedicated area. Being able to leave projects out without worrying about straightening up is a huge boon to creativity don't you think?


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