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Friday, May 1, 2015

What did I learn from April Love?

April Love is over.  I was a little sad this morning when I woke up knowing that there was not going to be a message in my inbox from Susannah Conway.  No prompt to get me thinking, taking pictures, looking for that perfect answer to the puzzle that was April Love.

So then I said to myself, "You've just spent a month listening to a tribe of amazing people, sharing stories and words of wisdom.  What have you learned?" Here is what I have taken away from April Love:

I learned that even though she doesn't look the same, this girl...

is still inside this girl...

I've learned that it is okay for me to play once in a while, to stop and smell the roses if you will, instead of always being the one on guard, watchful, organizing, handling.

I've learned that I can say, "I'm not going to get in the middle of this, find a way to work it out yourselves," or, "I would rather...,"  "I don't like...,"  "This is how I feel..."

I've learned that even when I have a bad day, there is someone out there having a worse day, and that if I can find just one reason to smile and pass it along, it might make that other person feel a little bit better, not so hopeless, and they will smile and pass it along to the next person.  

I've learned that it is important for me to continue to grow, learn, share, experience new things and take care of myself because if I am not happy with me, how can I expect anyone else to be happy with me and how can I be happy with anyone else?  

Sounds like it's all about me, right?  Well, the theme was "self-love and self-care."  Guess I did pay attention!  How about you?  Did you learn anything on this month long journey?

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