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Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Musings -- 2015

May 29 -- "In this place..."

When I turned 21, my late Auntie Annie (my mom's twin sister) took me on a road trip to Reno.  She said that she wanted to be the first one to take me gambling.  While it wasn't a Thelma and Louise trip exactly, we did have our fun moments!  Like the gas station attendant (yes, they still pumped your gas for you in those days) who went absolutely crazy about my aunt's name!  As he handed her her credit card he said, "Antoinette!  What a beautiful name.  I've never heard that before!  Antoinette!"  We had a good laugh about that for years!

About halfway up the highway, just outside of Auburn, California, she introduced me to one of her favorite stops, Lou LaBonte's.

Auntie Annie was a waitress her late husband, Uncle Johnny, had been a bartender so they were quite familiar with many great places and this one was no exception.  It was established in 1946 and had a rich history.  It's owner was a musical arranger from Hollywood and the walls had pictures of some of the famous people who had been there.  It was a great experience for me and one I remembered quite fondly.

So much so that from then on, every time I went to Lake Tahoe or Reno, a stop at Lou's was always made, both going up and coming back.  We even stopped with the children a few times, especially when our eldest moved to Reno for a few years.  We were almost regulars!

Given that I was 21 when I was introduced to Lou LaBonte's and that I just turned 60 in March, that's almost 40 years!  During that time it did not change much and was a very welcome site on the four hour trip to Reno.  Since we usually started on our road trips in the morning, by the time we hit Lou's it was brunch time.  They made the best Ramos Fizzes!  When we hit that spot, we knew the fun was about to start!  

You can imagine, therefore, on our last trip a few months ago, we were quite distressed to see this:

Our eyes went wide in disbelief.  How could they close this wonderful, historic restaurant?  Without asking us?  Without sending us a notice to visit it one last time?  What were we going to do?  Where could I get my fizz?  The only other places close by were fast food type or Denny's.

I find it quite ironic that the new place will be named "Awful Annie's!"  Wonder if MY Auntie Annie is having a laugh.  Pretty sure they won't be serving fizzes, though.  We'll have to do some research to find another place to stop on our trips.  Any suggestions?

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  1. What delightful memories - and Annie sounds like she was a fabulous aunt. I always think it's fun to have a go-to place to visit when traveling. I can imagine your disappointment over the demise of Lou LaBonte's. It's always a bit of a heart wrench when those iconic places disappear. Here's hoping Awful Annie's turns out to be not-so-awful and you can create some new memories.