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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Musings - 2015

May 18th -- The prompt..."Worlds within worlds..."

This one definitely stumped me for a bit.  I was looking at other people's interpretations and saw some pretty interesting stuff; like a caterpillar who will turn into a butterfly and some very beautiful flowers.  I can see how that could be a world within a world but somehow that was just not what I was feeling.

Then it hit me:

Elton John and Billy Joel



This is certainly a world within worlds.  First there are the elaborate stage productions (Elton John and Billy Joel in their "Face to Face" tour and Cher had some of the more spectacular ones).  With Cher, it was almost like being in several different worlds at once because she changed the set practically with every song!

Then there is the crowd of people all sharing in the emotion of the music.  Most of them are strangers and we've met some pretty nice people at the shows we've seen.  During that "special song," the sea of lights is amazing.
This was at Shoreline in Mountain View.

Eddie Van Halen

Christine McVie

I love trying to capture the special effects they use on the big screen.  It can definitely look "other worldly" at times.

From the set of Steve Winwood



It definitely takes me to another place for a while.

What about you?  What does "worlds within worlds" bring to your mind?

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