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Monday, May 11, 2015

May Musings - 2015

May 11 -- April Love extended group prompt..."On my plate..."

One might think of food for this prompt but "on my plate" at the moment is:

Dealing with hubby and the recent exacerbation of his sciatica, requiring two ER visits, medication, picking out a cane, calling for doctor's appointments, dealing with Workers' Comp insurance company, etc., and all the things that go along with taking care of someone who can't really walk well. 


My work, transcription.  These are just the physical charts, there is more that is sent via email.  It is good that I have work to do.  Sometimes there is not very much and that scares me because that is our main source of income. I am grateful for lots of work.  


I am also working on a new mini-album for Father's Day to sell on my Etsy site.  I have lots of things for Mother's Day and not much for dads.  I love doing crafting and this is definitely a stress release for me.  However, dear daughter is coming home from college for the summer TOMORROW and wants her room back so I need to finish this book and organize my scrapbooking station to give her some space!


Even though it's not the best thing, what's on my plate (paper napkin) is peanut butter toast at noon because I waited too long to cook something for myself for breakfast and I am starving.  I will eat this while I work.  

Pretty full plate, don't you think?  I know hubby will eventually get better and our son helps a lot but some days it just seems like the pile of stuff to do never gets any shorter.  Ever have periods like that?  Share!

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