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Sunday, May 3, 2015

May Musings - 2015

Sunday May 3 --

Tonight is the full moon.  It is called the Full Flower Moon.  A few years ago I did a dreamboard for the full moon that talked about what I felt like when I was in "full bloom."  It included things like being relaxed, fun-loving, happy, creative, comfortable in my surroundings, peaceful and organized.

I have been making changes in the things I do to try and get closer to that goal of being in full bloom.  Some things are difficult.  Some things are out of my control.  I think that with this full moon I need to remind myself that not everything can happen overnight and that we need to let the universe know of our wishes several times, not just once.  Also, I need to remind myself that it is a journey that I am on and that I should enjoy the journey, not just focus on the destination.  

Here is my dreamboard for this full moon: 

I will send this dreamboard out to the universe tonight and hopefully she will listen.  I know she has in the past and I am ready to do my part to make things happen.

What about you?  What are your wishes for this full moon?  

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