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Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Love - 2015

April 9 -- Five years ago...

2010 was a pretty big year around here.  Our youngest daughter graduated from middle school in June 2010 and started high school in August 2010.

We went to several concerts and saw:  Elton John and Billy Joel, comedian Ron White, Kansas, Styx and Foreigner, the late Joe Cocker and Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, Peter Frampton and Yes, REO Speedwagon and Pat Benetar and .38 Special and ZZ Top!  Working on getting that concert scrapbook put together.  I am only in year 2008 though.

I even won a contest and got tons of neat scrapbooking supplies!

But, by far the biggest experience we had in 2010 was when our little town exploded.

A gas line blew up and a section of our town was gone.

This part of town is about two miles up the hill from where I live but we definitely heard the blast.  At first we thought that a plane had crashed since we live so close to the airport.  Pretty soon we realized what had happened.  My son and husband stood on our roof and they could see the flames shooting up in the sky.

We have friends who live in the neighborhood close to the fire and my mom lives a bit down the street.  She was without power and even though we didn't think she was in imminent danger from the fire, we went and got her so she could spend the night with us.  One of my son's friends stayed with us also.

It was a real tribute to our town how quickly the displaced people were taken care of.  Immediately command and information centers were set up so that people could have someplace to go for the night as the fire burned for a long time.  It took the P G & E 45 minutes to shut the gas off that was flowing out of the burst pipe!  Facebook was abuzz with people connecting as best they could and passing out information as to where to go and for people to get information about their loved ones.

All in all, we lost 8 people, 66 were wounded, 38 homes were completely destroyed and about 100 were damaged.  Fortunately, the explosion occurred at a time when there was a back to school night scheduled so a lot of the families were at that event.

Now, five years later, most of the homes are rebuilt but there has definitely been a change in the area.  Our community feeling is still strong!

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