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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April Love - 2015

April 8 -- From where I stand...

I don't know about you, but I am having SUCH a great time with this April Love journey started by Susannah Conway.   It almost makes me want to take a month's vacation so I can spend all day going through everyones posts, pictures, blogs!  I haven't even had time to look at all the goodies on Susannah's page alone!  I am promising myself, as self-care, to try to hit everyone of the blogs that are listed in the group at least once.

For today's prompt:  From where I stand, this was the first thing that came to my mind:

Plaque on the Golden Gate Bridge

I don't know what made me put my foot in this shot, shabby shoe and all, but I did it consciously, adding it right before I snapped the picture, as if to prove, "Here I am!"  It was from the walk across the Golden Gate Bridge we did last month for my 60th birthday.  I had never walked across it before and thought that would be a fun thing to do at 60.  So proud to be an American and live in the United States!  

This is my hometown.  I've lived here almost my entire life, having moved from San Francisco with my parents when I was not quite two.  I did live in Millbrae, the next town south, for about 5 years or so when I first moved out of my parent's house to spread my wings as an adult.  I also lived for about a year, maybe less, in South San Francisco, the town just to our north.  That was my first apartment living with my hubby to be.  From there we moved back to San Bruno and have been here ever since.  It is such a great little town, friendly people, close to the SF airport, the beach, and only about three or four hours away from snow if I want to see it (when we have it!).  There was a period when my husband worked across the Bay Bridge and had to commute 1/2 hour to work each day.  He wanted to consider moving to that side of the bay but to me, that was as foreign as moving to another country would be.

Now, though I still love our little town, I actually consider moving farther south to the Santa Cruz Mountains area near Boulder Creek.  I think I'm ready to try the peaceful countryside and slower paced living, especially after some of the pictures I have seen posted here in the April Love group!

Would love to know about where YOU stand!  Leave a comment!

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  1. Hi, read about you on Facebook in Aprillove2015. From where I stand, there is snow in my back yard, and this morning (thursday) I awoke to 4" of freshly fallen snow. Will spring ever arrive? I live in New Hampshire in a small town on a beautiful lake (well, technically a mile away from the lake, but close). I'm surrounded by mountains and lakes in all directions.
    I've been to San Fran once and fell in love. I dream of coming back again. Maybe one day.
    I'm so glad to be a part of this group. Find me on instagram as Lilleyheidi, or facebook as Heidi lilley. hugs.