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Monday, April 6, 2015

April Love - 2015

April 6 -- Touch

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I.  It was taken at a surprise party he had thrown for me to celebrate my birthday and our engagement.  In a room full of people, it is like we were the only two there.  I was telling him how much I appreciated what he had done.  I had never had a surprise party before.  We've been married almost 31 years and though much has changed about each of us, we still look at each other that way.

And yet, there is also the non-physical kind of touch.  The kind of touch that I've been feeling with this April Love group and some other groups that I have been connected with.  In one of the groups we participated in an inspirational swap.  We were given the names and addresses of a partner to swap little tidbits of inspiration, a quote, a picture, a flower, whatever.  This was the envelope full of goodies that I received.  I had never met this woman before and still she called me "colorful and amazing!"  The treasures inside this package were just lovely.  I was indeed touched!  I still follow her blog and continue to be touched by some of the things she shares.  


A couple of years ago we had the 40th reunion of our high school class.  I had not seen most of the people who attended since graduation day but I was touched by the feeling of love that our class has for one another, even after these many years and even though I was never one of the "popular"crowd.  We had such a great time we are getting together again this year to celebrate our collective 60th birthdays!  

I am touched by the stories I am hearing from our group of April Love.  I appreciate Susannah making us all feel comfortable enough to share these sometimes painful things and the responses to those who shared some intimate feelings have been so caring.  What a wonderful group!

How about you?  What does "touch" call to your mind?

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