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Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Love - 2015

April 30 -- Thankful for...

And so we have come to the end of our April Love fest in its current form.  Today's prompt is so easy.  I am thankful for a lot, but especially:

My parents for having me and teaching me what love is all about.  My sisters, for teaching me how to share.

Finding my perfect partner, my best friend, my lover, my knight in shining armor:

Our three wonderful, healthy, incredibly special children:

All my jobs, but especially the one I have now, where I am able to work from home (transcription) and do the things I love (crafting).

I am thankful for my own relatively good health.

I am thankful for my friends, some of whom I've had since before kindergarten.  We may not talk a lot or see each other often but the bond is still strong.  

I'm of course thankful to Suzannah Conway for starting this April Love theme and leading this tribe of eclectic people.  Reading the stories that the group was sharing, seeing the pictures from far away places, learning new things, what an awesome April it has been!  

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