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Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Love - 2015

April 26 -- Something beginning with "A."

This one is easy.  It has to be our Amanda:

This is one of my most favorite pictures.  Amanda gave the best kisses...

I had a miscarriage before I was pregnant with Amanda so I was very careful in the beginning of my pregnancy with her.  Morning sickness?  You bet! I used to have to eat some cereal while still lying in bed before I could get up for the day and even then I didn't always keep it down.

We went through a list of names before picking Amanda.  She could have been a Tiffany or a Michelle.  She was named for the actress Amanda Blake who played on Gunsmoke because my hubby is a redhead so we thought she might have red hair and because the character Amanda Blake played on the show (Miss Kitty) was a strong woman.  Also, the song "Amanda" by Boston was a favorite.

Her middle name is "Jo" for both my mom (Josephine) and Jo, the character from Little Women.  Again, those are very strong women.

Amanda is most definitely a daddy's girl.  She can get him to do practically anything.

She has grown into a terrific young woman and is one of my best friends now, although we did have some rough times when she was a teenager.

She has turned out to be one of those really strong women, fiercely loyal to her family and friends, very compassionate and loving.  We are very proud of her.

That's my something that starts with A.  How about you?  What's your favorite "A"?

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