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Friday, April 24, 2015

April Love - 2015

April 24 -- Trees

Funny, I never really stop to think about trees.  When we go to Boulder Creek each September, there are lots of trees but I don't take any pictures, except for this one because of the way the sap was dripping down.

This is a tree in our city park.  It holds our daughter and son at the moment and I was really more concerned about taking their picture rather than the tree itself.

And then there is our Christmas tree which every year is decorated over a period of a few days.  Can't hurry the creative process I say.

Stage I

Stage II

But when I think of trees, I instantly remember a time when our eldest daughter was about two or three and we watched the Wizard of Oz for the first time together.  I was afraid it would scare her but she loved it.  When I asked her to tell me what she thought of it, her eyes got very big and she said, "The trees were WINDY."  She was talking about the enchanted forrest scene.  Now, whenever it is windy out, our family says, "The trees were WINDY!"  

What about you?  What's your take on trees?  


  1. I'm a tree lover for sure, although I'm not sure I have many if any photos. Apparently I'm more of a hug 'em and leave 'em person. I love that photo of your kids in the tree. I'm sorry to say I've never climbed a tree, not even as a kid, although I do dream about it frequently.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Deborah! I say go for it.