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Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Love - 2015

April 16 -- 10 years ago.

I had a hard time finding a picture for this one.  2005 was a year before I started using a digital camera and downloading pictures to my computer.  I do have some pictures from that year and, being the organized person that I am, I was able to find them, but I took no pictures until July 2005 and then only took a few.  The next batch of pictures I have is from Halloween and then Christmas 2005.  I do have my calendar from then, I save all my calendars.

I can see by looking through the year that I did a lot of driving as my son was playing golf in high school and since I worked from home I was the "golf mom" who took the high school golf team to their practices around the Bay Area.  My daughter had softball on the weekends and I worked a lot (that's a good thing since I was just in my fourth year of working from home)!   

As I go through the rest of the year I see that two of our friends got married and I reconnected with some high school friends that I had not seen in a long time.  We had a girls night out and went to see Menopause, The Musical in San Francisco.  It was a really fun night and fortunately I've been able to keep in touch with them.  


Other than that, and the fact that I turned 50 in March of 2005, not too much interesting happened in our little corner of the world.  How about you?  Where were you 10 years ago?


  1. Based on your calendar, it looks like 50 was a busy year for you. Isn't it funny how we forget a world without smart phones, digital photos, and instant Internet access? Thanks for sharing your blog with us. Self love is a continual journey. Glad we are on it together.

  2. Yes, it is a journey and one I didn't even know I needed to take until recently! Thanks for stopping by.