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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Love - 2015

I am beginning the April Love fest orchestrated by Susannah Conway.  Over the month of April many wonderful people will be sharing bits and pieces of themselves and their surroundings as prompted by Susannah.  I decided to join this group because I noticed that in addition to Susannah, two of my other favorite inspirational ladies were also participating, Jamie Ridler and Andrea Schroeder.  I'm sure the month is going to be filled with wonder and delight, but most of all, sharing the love.  Come follow along with me, or join yourself, here!

The first prompt we get is:  "My Morning View."

I get up early in the morning and although now in springtime it is almost daylight, I really don't look outside right away...This is my morning view as I open the door to the kitchen:

The coffeemaker may not seem like such an interesting view in the morning and there are not always flowers on it, but MY coffeemaker has held some pretty great surprises for me.  My husband usually goes to bed after I do, and in some stages of our lives, he has worked a graveyard shift so he would not get home until the early hours of the morning.  Several times there have been flowers such as this to greet me.  Sometimes it is just a note to let me know that he has prepared the coffee so all I have to do is turn it on:

One morning I found that he had written out the song, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." and taped that to the front of the pot.  How romantic is that?!

The foundation of this April Love challenge is to think about self-love.  My husband and I have been married almost 31 years and during that time had three great children together.  Within the last couple of years I started feeling dissatisfied.  Not so much with him, the kids or our life together, but mostly with myself.  I was feeling that I was missing something, my inner peace, my mojo.

Maybe it was because the kids are all grown and don't need their mother as much, maybe because I was approaching 60 and starting to feel older, whatever the reason, I felt that I had lost that spark I had when I was younger.  That's when I started to look inside myself and began to realize that I needed to take care of ME instead of taking care of everyone else all the time.  Certainly if hubby can show me in so many ways how much he loves me, I should be able to show myself that I am lovable!

This April I am going to further reclaim "Janet" as I continue to be wife and mother.  I'm sure we can all learn to live together quite nicely!  

Hope you will come along this month to follow the "Journey of Janet."  Please feel free to leave me a comment!


  1. Yay you for accepting the invitation to focus on self-love. Sounds like it will be a lovely month, and I look forward to your posts. How wonderful your husband celebrates you with flowers and love notes and ready-to-drip coffee. Very lovely indeed.