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Saturday, March 14, 2015

There's a new cat in town...

Recently I posted about the loss of our cat, Whisper.  You can read that here...Just A Whisper.

Somehow I knew it would not be too long before there was another four-legged member of our household.  For some reason, our backyard has been the congregation spot for lots of neighborhood stray cats.  They must realize that my hubby and the kids are softies when it comes to animals (me not so much).

About a year ago this little one started hanging out in our garage.  Since we still had Whisper, who was a total house cat, I refused to allow another cat in the house.  (I know, big meanie!).  Fortunately, the cat had been spending time at a neighbor's house before ours and the neighbor had taken her to the vet to get spayed so we don't have to worry about a litter.

Once in a while this cat (who the family named "Tiger") started coming to the front door and would walk through the house to the back door and then out again.  Whisper would just watch.  

Then, shortly after Whisper passed, Tiger started to stay in the house for longer periods.

Then the food bowl came back into use.  

Finally, she started staying in the house at night and going out during the day.  Now I would say she has pretty much taken up residence for good, except she still goes outside to do her business and I like that just fine!  Being an outdoor cat, she is pretty independent also and does not ask for much in the way of attention.  I think we got lucky again.   

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